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Academic Freedom – In American public schools,  students are required to spend weeks and months practicing to take the “state standardized achievement test.” At Red Oak Academy, there is a focus on actual teaching and learning to make sure students achieve the goals of the curriculum.

Accelerated Learning – Students who are capable of executing their studies at a faster pace are often discouraged from doing so in public and private school settings.  Red Oak Academy affords these students the opportunity to forge ahead towards early high school graduation and college or university enrollment.

Complete and Balanced Curriculum – Red Oak Academy has spent over 15 years refining the content of its learner objective to insure that students who graduate from their program possess the highest possible level of skills in the Arts and Sciences.
academic freedom

Individualized Attention from Teachers – Overcrowding in public school classrooms gives little time to teachers for individualized attention.  At Red Oak Academy, all students are called on to check for understanding and individualized education plans are created for every student.

Children with Disabilities – Public and Private schools are ill-equipped to address the individual needs of students with either learning or physical needs.   Red Oak Academy specializes in evaluation and educational planning for every student who present with special needs.

Child Employment – Gifted and Talented students who have obtained professional employment in the performing arts find Red Oak Academy to be most accommodating to their hectic schedules.

Life-skills competencies (values): Safety - Responsibility - Care


Freedom from Bullying– Bullying and Safety issues is a leading reason given by families who choose Red Oak Academy.

Freedom to Travel – participate anywhere on earth.

Family Unity – work and school at home – together, as a family.

Trust in School – At Red Oak Academy, every child is special and is expected to succeed. Families can once again believe that the school is going to do its job and educate their child.

Superior Program Advantage of State Operated “Virtual Schools” – Red Oak Academy began a live class schedule based on a traditional public school model in August of 1995..


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